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Benefits of Belly Band During Pregnancy

Benefits of Belly Band During Pregnancy

Benefits of Belly Band During Pregnancy

A belly band is a flexible tube-like piece of clothing. Pregnant women can wear this belly band around the belly to have a great support for their lower back by properly covering the unzipped or unbuttoned pants. A belly band acts as a layer to assist cover the skin which becomes exposed when the belly expands during the pregnancy. A high-quality belly band only provides the mild compression and an element of support for the hips and lower back. Belly bands are available in different designs, colors, shapes and sizes on the market. You can spend enough time and research how to successfully pick and buy one of the most suitable belly bands within the budget.

What is a belly band?

Womens require the maximum comfort and proper healthcare during their pregnancy time. Every pregnant woman can get loads of real benefits from a proper use of the belly band. As a beginner to the best belly band for pregnancy at this time, you need to understand the basics and benefits of belly band. A belly band is designed for supporting the lower back and also abdomen during the pregnancy. This flexible support garment provides different advantages for active pregnant women especially during the second and third trimesters.  More than a few categories of support garments are available on the market and designed for pregnant women and new mothers. However, some of these popular support garments are belly bands, belly belts, prenatal or maternity cradles, maternity support clothing and postpartum belly wraps and girdles.

Decrease pain

It is the right time to explore everything about the real benefits of using the cheap and belly band for pregnancy as per guidelines. A high-quality belly band supports its users to reduce their pain. Many women suffer from the back and joint pain during their pregnancy. They think about how to decrease such pain. They can buy and use the belly band from top brand on the market. Once they have started using the belly band, they can reduce their back and pelvic pain during the pregnancy period. They get enough support to their lower back and baby bump when they engage in their routine activities.

The first-class belly bands prevent Sacroiliac joint pain caused by the increased relaxin hormone which leads to less stable and loose hip joints. Pregnant women experience this sharp and excruciating pain in their lower back especially adjacent to the tailbone area. They can make use of the cheap and best belly band designed to stabilize this joint and prevent pain during activities.

Besides, they also experience the round ligament pain during the second trimester. They think about how to get rid of this dull ache to a sharp pain before the hip and below their belly. Futher, They must understand that this problem happens as a result of the additional weight and pressure on the ligaments which help the growing uterus. They can make use of the belly band as it helps a lot for distributing the baby’s weight across the back and also abdomen and relieve the pressure on the round ligaments. They will get rid of the pain and be comfortable as expected.

Benefits of Belly Band During Pregnancy

Get gentle compression during routine activities

The gentle compression of the belly band for pregnancy is helpful a lot for reducing the discomfort from movements during routine physical activities and enhancing the support to the uterus. You have to keep in mind that an excess compression on the abdomen can cause negative side effects on the blood pressure, impair circulation, contribute to the indigestion and heartburn.

External cues for the posture

The most outstanding belly bands provide external cues to your physique and facilitate the appropriate posture. These bands support the torso and lower back for improving the correct posture and preventing the possibilities of the overextension of the lower back during the pregnancy.  The usual swayback appearance of women during the pregnancy is because the additional weight being carried before the body along with the weakening and stretching of the key core muscles used for supporting the entire spine.

Be comfortable in daily activities

New and regular uses of the top brands of cheap and first-class belly bands can comfortably engage in their daily activities. Pregnant women have to do some exercises as per guidelines to improve their overall health and development of their baby. Proper exercises during the pregnancy decrease the diabetes, depression and incidence of hypertension. These prenatal exercises provide the positive improvement in the overall health. For example, these exercises increase the muscle tone and endurance. You can choose and wear the appropriate belly band to decrease your discomfort and take part in your routine activities without difficulty in any way.

Designed to be worn after pregnancy

The latest collection of the belly bands on the market are designed to be worn after pregnancy for the maximum support required by mother. Users of the best belly band for pregnancy can also use it after their delivery. They can reduce the possibilities of decreased core strength in the weeks following birth. They can improve the process of healing the muscles and ligaments stretched and strained a lot during the pregnancy. Therefore, they can use the belly band to get enough support required to take care of a newborn. They get the additional support to their lower back and abdomen by wearing a belly band postpartum.

As a beginner to the belly band, you have to consider and remember some important things about wearing a belly band. You can contact your doctor and discuss about wearing a belly band during your pregnancy. Then, you will get the comprehensive help and make a decision about how to properly use the suitable belly band.

You have to choose and buy the first-class belly band recommended by satisfied users. Once you have bought a belly band, you have to follow instructions and use it in a proper way. You can wear a belly band for over three hours continuously for preventing overdependence. You can use the belly band whenever you do exercises during and after pregnancy for strengthening the core muscles.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression

Do I have Postpartum Depression (PPD)? 

Pregnancy and childbirth is one of life’s most exciting and stressful times for a woman.  There are many adjustments coming at you, some expected and some not.  When you add the hormonal component, it is no wonder that many women find themselves in very challenging emotional territory.  Some of the following symptoms are normal but too many of them can indicate a Postpartum Depression. This medical condition occurs in one out of five women within a year of giving birth. Onset can be gradual or rapid and can include depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

What are Some Symptoms of PPMD?

  • Feeling hopeless or helpless
  • Sleep problems (can’t sleep even when the baby is sleeping)
  • Extreme irritability
  • No appetite or eating too much
  • Excessive worry
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Feeling disconnected from your baby
  • Uncomfortable and/or intrusive thoughts
  • Unable to cope with daily routines
  • Lack of ability to enjoy life, even your new baby
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Social withdrawal
  • Lack of motivation
  • Crying a lot
  • Feeling guilty
  • Having trouble remembering and concentrating
  • Having thoughts of hurting yourself or your baby

What PPD is NOT:

  • PPD is Not something to be ashamed of
  • It is Not your fault
  • It is Not a sign of a weak personality

What PPD is:

  • It is easily treatable
  • It needs an evaluation by a medical professional such as a Psychiatrist, Clinical Nurse Specialist, or a Licensed Independent Social Worker(LICSW)
  • A treatable problem that your OB or Primary Care Physician needs to know about

Real Women, Real Experiences:

Raising The Curtain was written and produced in order to convey the tremendous impact that the support of a Families First RI (FFRI) mentor can have on the lives of new mothers (and fathers) with PPD or other emotional difficulties. FFRI not only accepts mothers into the program who are diagnosed with PPD or anxiety, but we provide an intake evaluation to each mother which could identify undiagnosed psychological problems and lead to referral for treatment. Both mothers themselves as well as mentors and clinical staff in the film articulately and poignantly explain the FFRI experience. The film has been used as a fundraising tool and has aired on local PBS stations.

Matching Moms to Mentors

Matching Moms to Mentors

Matching Moms to MentorsYou are… a mother of a new baby or in the late stages of pregnancy.

While bringing home a new baby can be wonderful, it can also be stressful. You are probably sleep deprived, feeling overwhelmed or even depressed. This often affects other family members, especially if you have other children. At times like this, it can be difficult to reach out for support. You may be far away from your family, or they simply may not be available to you. But we are.

We are… Families First Rhode Island, Moms for Moms.

Our goal is to help you through this challenging phase in your life. Our program will pair you with an experienced and compassionate volunteer mother who will visit with you weekly. During your visits, you can share your concerns and questions in confidence, while receiving the reassurance and guidance you need. All services are free of charge.

You can… get the support you need and deserve.

We know that many moms experience ups and downs during the first year of motherhood. This is perfectly normal. In addition, other life issues such as balancing the expectations of work and family, financial stress, health issues, or single parenting can have a major impact at this time. By reaching out to Families First, you will be giving you and your baby a brighter beginning.