Exercises to Help Mothers Cesarean Mothers Soon Slender Waist

Exercises to Help Mothers Cesarean Mothers Soon Slender Waist

Exercise with gentle, simple and regular exercises will help mothers’ bodies recover faster.

Unlike normal mothers, women who deliver by caesarean section often face pain after a long operation. However, it is not because of that that moms are sedentary. You may find it a little uncomfortable and painful at the start, but keep in mind that gentle exercise will help the wound heal and have a good impact on postpartum physique.

Deep breath

Deep breathing exercises should be performed immediately after birth to start the body. The mother about 4-5 times / day will help recover abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, knees slightly bent, hands in front of chest and breathe in. Try to take your breath in both hands and slowly exhale. Next, take your breath a little lower. Place your hands on the ribs to feel the lungs expand when you inhale, then release as before. Perform this motion 3-4 times.

Back exercises

Leaning against the wall in a sitting position, you can add an extra pillow for your back. Legs straight, practice sitting upright. Bend knees, lean to one side, and rotate pillows. At first this may be a little painful, but try to do it slowly little by little, the mother will get used to it because it will help recover very quickly.

Leg exercises

Lie in bed or on a chair, relax your body and rotate each leg. Imagine the mother is drawing a circle with the big toe, rotating in opposite directions. Then bend the foot by pulling the toes toward the lower leg then straight forward. Perform 2-3 times, practice 2 times / day.

This exercise increases the circulation of blood in the body, especially in the legs and prevents cramps.

Abdominal exercises

Lie on your back with your knees and feet on the bed. Contract the abdominal muscles for 2-3 seconds and then relax. Continue exercising with the vaginal muscles (like kegel cells, contracting muscles like a urinating movement). Repeat the movements about 5 times, practice 2 times / day. At first this will cause some discomfort for the mother because the incision limits movement in the abdomen. However, persevering in this exercise will help mothers quickly recover and regain round 2 slender.

Pelvic incline exercises

Pull in your abs and press your lower back into the bed. Perform 4 – 8 turns, each hold for 2 seconds. Mothers should practice this movement several times a day. Exercises will help the spine recover and straighten quickly.

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