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Matching Moms to Mentors

Matching Moms to Mentors

Matching Moms to MentorsYou are… a mother of a new baby or in the late stages of pregnancy.

While bringing home a new baby can be wonderful, it can also be stressful. You are probably sleep deprived, feeling overwhelmed or even depressed. This often affects other family members, especially if you have other children. At times like this, it can be difficult to reach out for support. You may be far away from your family, or they simply may not be available to you. But we are.

We are… Families First Rhode Island, Moms for Moms.

Our goal is to help you through this challenging phase in your life. Our program will pair you with an experienced and compassionate volunteer mother who will visit with you weekly. During your visits, you can share your concerns and questions in confidence, while receiving the reassurance and guidance you need. All services are free of charge.

You can… get the support you need and deserve.

We know that many moms experience ups and downs during the first year of motherhood. This is perfectly normal. In addition, other life issues such as balancing the expectations of work and family, financial stress, health issues, or single parenting can have a major impact at this time. By reaching out to Families First, you will be giving you and your baby a brighter beginning.