Becoming a Mentor

Becoming a Mentor

Families First is looking for new volunteers….new mentor training begins soon!

You are…a mother who’s been there.

You remember how excited and at times overwhelmed you felt when you brought your new baby home. Or maybe your difficulties began in pregnancy. Perhaps you wished that someone had been there for you? Now you can be there for someone else.

You can…change a life or two.

Your support will not include chores, babysitting, or cooking meals. During your visits, she can talk confidentially about concerns and questions she may have. You can provide her with support and compassion. As a non-judgmental and caring mentor, you will be giving a mother and her new baby a brighter beginning.

One hour a week…is all it takes.

After participating in an 8-hour comprehensive training that takes place over 4 weeks, you will be carefully matched with your mom. Your weekly 1 hour visits will provide your mom with a true sense of support and a time to look forward to.

Families First’s clinical staff are always available to address any questions or concerns that our Mentor Moms may have. In addition, a monthly supervision meeting is held and is staffed by a Families First clinician. The supervision meeting adds a vital component to the Mentor Mom experience. In this group setting, our Mentor Moms find additional support through the sharing of experiences with other women who are giving of themselves in the same way.

Email [email protected] or call (617)429-9610